pumpkinSmasher Premium WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme's purpose is to get you into Halloween mood. Apart from Halloween, the theme works like every other blog or personal site. Everything else is explained in detail in the readme.pdf. See the demo to view the Theme's "as is" setup: http://dev.rockatee.com/sm

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pumpkinSmasher Premium WordPress Theme


New Theme for Smashing Magazine

This theme was conceptualized and designed for Smashing Magazine. It's a free WordPress theme and comes with a couple of goodies, such as two variants (HTML and HTML5), CSS2.1 and CSS3, all designed with progressive enhancement in mind, meaning, Internet Explorer users… read article

Bauhaus Clock Wallpaper

Modern Bauhaus Clock Wallpaper

Everyone who's studied Bauhaus in adequate depth will immediately see where my clock, heavily inspired by Max Bill's clock (shape), breaks the pure Bauhaus spirit. The clock clearly has too much belly fat, or non-functional space, if you prefer. Then again, I've… read article


Removing wp_list_pages' class from list items via WordPress Filters

I'm certainly not a PHP programmer. Heck, I'm not a programmer at all, unless you count HTML, CSS, and a little Javascript as programming languages, which they are factually not. I am currently coding a design into HTML5 and CSS3 and am integrating it into read article


Rockatee has had a facelift: Responsive Design & 100% fluid layout. Pixels Adieu!

With so many different devices and platforms coming out in all sizes and shapes, I've decided to ditch pixels for layout entirely and have gone for a 100% fluid layout grid that is calculated with percentages only.

The grid is about 92% done, there are still some minor inconsistencies I need to iron… read article


Getting Real (Book Review)

37signals is one of those companies that have burned themselves into ones memory. Well, they have in mine whenever I think about effective businesses. They are what — I’m sure not just a few — software companies, entrepreneurs, and designers… read article

Conditionals: Manipulate a Class or ID Attribute of Elements in Channel Entries

There are plenty of reasons why we sometimes need to have the first or last element in a row to have a different Class than its siblings. If, for example, I wanted to create an unordered list of which the last list item was to contain a different CSS rule than any of the other list items, I'd simply create… read article


On Being Stale

Typing noise. Letters. Words... something's up...

Yes, I'm alive!

My last blog post has been a while. I'd have loved to be able to say that I was so busy that every effort of stealing a fraction of a minute to quickly write together a post were all but a luckless effort. Or that… read article

Handcrafted CSS

It needs to be said; Hancrafted CSS is one of the most motivational and inspiring development books I've ever read. You want to roll up your sleeves and get down to business instantly. It’s beautifully written, engaging, concise, positive, and hopeful. When I have a day where I’m not so keen on the… read article

ExpressionEngine: Excluding the currently viewed entry from a recent entries list

Scenario: When viewing a single entry, you would like to display the most recent entries on the side, excluding the currently viewed entry. By default, ExpressionEngine doesn't have a special function or parameter for it. However, there's a very simple way to add this feature; by creating a global variableread article

ExpressionEngine: How to create Gallery Entries

When it comes to designing web sites for clients, one of the things we ask ourselves first is how we can develop a required feature in the most simple and intuitive way possible. Some clients have their web sites maintained by professionals while other clients prefer to maintain their web site autonomically.… read article