The “Blind Man in a Temple Sweatshirt” Joke Explained

Bill Cosby The "Blind Man in a Temple Sweatshirt" Joke Explained

Opening Remarks

Late-night television has always been a platform for comedians to tackle controversial topics, and Seth Meyers’ show is no exception. One segment that offers a thought-provoking take on current issues is “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,” featuring writers Amber and Jenny. In a recent episode, a joke about a “blind man in a Temple sweatshirt” caught the audience’s attention for its indirect reference to Bill Cosby. This article aims to unpack the layers of meaning behind this joke.

The Setup

The segment involves Seth Meyers reading the setups for jokes, while Amber and Jenny deliver the punchlines. Amber, who identifies as black, told a joke that went: “Am I on it?”, said a blind man in a Temple sweatshirt.” The joke was met with scattered laughter and groans, leading Seth to make a follow-up joke about Bill Cosby.

The Cosby Connection

Bill Cosby, a Temple University alumnus, has been embroiled in numerous scandals, including sexual assault allegations. The “blind man in a Temple sweatshirt” is likely a metaphorical representation of someone who is either willfully ignorant or unaware of Cosby’s controversies, despite wearing attire from the university Cosby is associated with.

The Layers of Meaning

The joke plays on multiple levels:

  1. Cultural Awareness: The “blind man” could be seen as a commentary on society’s tendency to turn a blind eye to the actions of celebrities.
  2. Institutional Association: The Temple sweatshirt adds another layer, pointing to the university’s complicated relationship with Cosby.
  3. Audience Reaction: The mixed response from the audience reflects the divisive nature of the topic, making it a perfect subject for late-night comedy.

The Impact

The joke serves as a reminder that fashion choices, even something as simple as a sweatshirt, can carry significant cultural and societal implications. It forces us to confront uncomfortable truths and sparks conversations that extend beyond the realm of comedy.

Final Thoughts

The “blind man in a Temple sweatshirt” joke is more than just a punchline; it’s a commentary on societal norms, cultural blind spots, and the controversies that surround public figures like Bill Cosby. While it may have been a fleeting moment on a late-night show, its impact is anything but trivial.

2 thoughts on “The “Blind Man in a Temple Sweatshirt” Joke Explained

  1. Anthony says:

    Pretty sure the blind part of the joke was also inspired by the sunglasses. Otherwise, the nuance of him being “blind” as in cultural unaware (and also really lacking self-awareness) doesn’t quite work

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