Grimace Turns 50: The Exclusive Birthday Shirt and Beyond

Cheers to Grimace: The Exclusive Birthday Bash Shirt and More!

This year marks a milestone for one of McDonald’s most iconic characters – Grimace! The beloved purple blob is celebrating his 50th birthday and the fast-food giant is going all out to commemorate this special event. From releasing a new purple milkshake to launching the exclusive Happy Birthday Grimace shirt, McDonald’s is leaving no stone unturned to make this a birthday to remember.

Happy Birthday Grimace Shirt: A Collector’s Dream

Arguably the most coveted piece of memorabilia is the exclusive Grimace Birthday Shirt. This shirt, originally designed as an employee-only item, features the beloved Grimace character with the inscription “HBD Grimace” to mark the occasion. It’s a vibrant purple shirt, a nod to Grimace’s iconic color, and is available in all sizes, making it a must-have for all McDonald’s enthusiasts and Grimace fans alike.

But there’s an interesting twist to this shirt story. While it was initially intended for McDonald’s employees only, some entrepreneurial spirits have found a way to make these shirts available to the general public. With a bit of drive-thru bribery, anyone can get their hands on this exclusive Grimace Birthday Shirt. Yes, you read that right! A little wink, nudge, and the right words at the McDonald’s drive-thru, and you could be the proud owner of this exclusive piece of McDonald’s memorabilia.

This shirt is being sold online for $30.99 and is described as a brand new, unused, and unworn item. It is a cotton shirt with a crew neck and short sleeves, perfect for any season. The shirt features a graphic print of Grimace and is available in regular sizes. The item can be shipped worldwide, excluding certain locations, and typically ships within one business day of receiving cleared payment.

For those who prefer a recreation of the Grimace birthday shirt, there’s a version available on Rockatee. This version is an excellent option for those who want to join the celebration without going through the drive-thru bribery.

Purple Milkshake Madness

Along with the Happy Birthday Grimace shirt, McDonald’s has also released a special Grimace birthday meal. This includes the choice of a classic Big Mac or a 10-piece nugget. But the real highlight of the meal is the purple Grimace milkshake. The milkshake is a delicious blend of vanilla and berry flavoring that matches Grimace’s iconic purple color. This special meal and milkshake combo debuted on June 12 and will only be available until supplies last.

Grimace Purple Milkshake Madness

The Grimace Game Boy Color Game

In addition to the Happy Birthday Grimace shirt and the purple milkshake, McDonald’s has also released a Grimace-themed Game Boy Color game. Titled “Grimace’s Birthday Bash,” this platformer game is available for free download. McDonald’s is also selling a limited number of physical cartridges, making it an exciting collector’s item for both Grimace and Game Boy Color fans.

The Grimace Game Boy Color Game
The Grimace Game Boy Color Game

As we celebrate Grimace’s 50th birthday, the Happy Birthday Grimace shirt, along with the purple milkshake and the Game Boy Color game, truly make this a special occasion. So, whether you’re a fan of Grimace or a collector of McDonald’s memorabilia, there’s no better way to join in the celebration than getting your hands on these exclusive items.

From the exclusive Grimace Birthday Shirt to the special meal and Game Boy Color game, McDonald’s is going all out to celebrate Grimace’s 50th birthday. Whether you’re a long-time McDonald’s fan or just a lover of all things vintage and nostalgic, there’s something for everyone in this unique celebration. So why not join in the fun and celebrate Grimace’s big day?

As they say at McDonald’s, “we love to see you smile,” and with these Grimace birthday celebrations, there’s plenty to smile about!

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