“Satan Respects Pronouns” Shirt Stirs Controversy at Target

satan respects pronouns shirt Target

In a recent wave of controversy, retail giant Target has found itself at the center of a heated debate over a T-shirt bearing the phrase “Satan Respects Pronouns”. The shirt, designed by the artist Abprallenuk, has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with opinions ranging from confusion and criticism to interpretations linking it to occult symbolism and political events.

“Satan Respects Pronouns” T-shirt

The T-shirt, part of a collection by Abprallenuk, is known for its provocative designs. Other designs include phrases such as “Bury cis feelings”, “Poppers”, and a depiction of a guillotine as a headrest. However, it’s the “Satan Respects Pronouns” shirt that has drawn the most attention and controversy.

Other provocative designs by Abprallenuk, the designer behind the controversial T-shirt.

The phrase “Satan Respects Pronouns” is seen by some as a bold statement in support of the transgender and non-binary communities. It implies that even Satan, a figure often associated with evil, respects the use of correct pronouns for individuals, a pointed critique of those who refuse to do so.

However, the phrase has also been met with significant backlash. For some, the association of Satan with the act of respecting pronouns is offensive, particularly to those with religious beliefs where Satan is viewed as a symbol of evil. Others interpret the phrase as suggesting that respecting pronouns is somehow “evil” or “wrong,” leading to further misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the LGBTQ+ community.

One Twitter user, @CreasingTheFold, interprets the message as a symbol of the trans movement being fundamentally Luciferian, referring to the occult esoteric “perfected man” or the Baphomet. They also mention the concept of “Solve et coagula” and provide a link to a document titled “Lucifer the Divine Androgyne Ancient God of the Modern Transgender Movement”.

Another user, @_LI0n_King, expresses strong disapproval of the T-shirt’s message, associating it with the LGBTQ movement and Satan. They also mention the closure of a ‘pay-when-you-can’ Anti-Capitalist business after just 12 months, suggesting a link between the shirt’s message and broader socio-political issues.

Target’s Pride Collection: A Celebration of Diversity and Inclusion

In addition to the controversial “Satan Respects Pronouns” shirt, Target has been recognized for its broader support of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly during Pride month. The retail giant offers a diverse Pride collection that includes clothing, accessories, swimwear, and even home decor.

Target, the retail giant now at the center of a heated debate over a T-shirt design.
Target, the retail giant now at the center of a heated debate over a T-shirt design.

In June 2022, Target introduced limited-edition, gender-inclusive collections and products created by the LGBTQ+ community, for the community. This initiative was seen as a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and representation.

The 2023 Pride Target collection expanded to include an abundance of Drag Queen merchandise, featuring alumni from “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, such as Trixie Mattel and Kornbread. The collection also includes Prideful home decor, allowing customers to express their support for the LGBTQ+ community in various ways. The collection even extends to party supplies and pet products, showcasing colorful designs that celebrate Pride.

While the “Satan Respects Pronouns” shirt has sparked controversy, it’s clear that Target’s overall commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community is multifaceted, extending beyond a single item. The Pride collection is a testament to this commitment, offering a wide range of products that celebrate diversity and inclusion.

In summary, the controversy surrounding the “Satan Respects Pronouns” shirt reflects the broader cultural and political divisions around LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance, religious beliefs, and freedom of speech. As the debate continues, it serves asa stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for understanding and acceptance in a diverse society. However, through initiatives like the Pride collection, Target is making strides towards promoting inclusivity and representation, showing that the conversation around these issues is far from over.

7 thoughts on ““Satan Respects Pronouns” Shirt Stirs Controversy at Target

    • Christine says:

      Target is selling a few products from this designer, but the fab ‘Satan Respects Pronouns’ isn’t one of them. This design is only available on the designer’s website, NOT Target. Though I think it’s great Target is so inclusive, if anyone takes issue don’t shop there.

  1. Martin says:

    If Target is so inclusive, why don’t they allow unions instead of ripping off their employees/ associates / the working poor by denying them livable working hours. I do not know if the designer of this new product is Satanic, but Target Corp sure is and they are the furthest thing from woke ..just another capitalist big corporation playing the public with the latest trends…Target could care less about you, no matter who you are, they only care about their bottom line

  2. dumbos says:

    Look, there are no SOFT words we can use here when evil people target innocent CHILREN. So here we go: FU Target you POS compromised disgusting weak, weak idiotic FREAKS! You sick perverted weirdos. Selling TRANS clothes to kids, really? GO F YOURSELVES! You should be in jail. This is a deal breaker. You’re fired. BAN TARGET FOREVER. Any store that supports a bunch of grown a$$ men dressing up and pretending to be women, stripping, showing their male genitals and twerking in front of minors under 18 are FKG FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FU FU FU FU FU FU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve had it with this insanity. STay the FK away from children with your weird freaking evil shite. To be clear: If you’re 18 and over and you want to be a trans person and dance in front of other ADULTS 18 and over….do you, but FU FU FU FU AND FU all who want to do this creepy shit in front of children and TEENS who aren’t able to consent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FU. And you know it weirdos. You keep pushing the boundaries hoping that society will just go,……well…okay, maybe at 17, 16, 15,, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 9. 8. , 7 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and well, you know where this goes, right? STAND UP FOR ChILDREN YOU FKG coWARDS.

  3. JENNIFER SACK says:

    It is deeply disturbing that praising Satan and Pride, is overshadowing the love and power of Jesus Christ, and the solid principles and foundation that formed our country. Our family values are being shredded by a “new normal”. I’m glad LGBTQ+ can live open and free, but please don’t impose your values on my young impressionable children. If this is all helping, why are suicide rates at an all time high? Maybe open a Bible and find some hope and peace. Satan comes to destroy, and that’s exactly what I see happening. I implore other Christians to pray for our country, our world and our children navigating it.

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