OMG, You Won’t Believe Which Legendary Drummer Rocked a Taylor Swift Phish-Inspired Tee

Legendary Drummer Jon Fishman Rocked a Taylor Swift Phish-Inspired Tee

When worlds collide, beautiful chaos ensues. Here’s what happened when Phish met Swiftie.

Imagine our surprise when Jon Fishman, the drummer of jam band Phish, flaunted his fandom for pop sensation Taylor Swift in a delightful, unexpected twist. The legendary musician posted an Instagram pic of himself donning a Taylor Swift Phish-Inspired T-Shirt. His caption? “Proper attire for any self-respecting Phish member to escort their children to T. Swift concert in.” Cue the internet eruption.

Swifties and Phish Heads Unite

The virtual world didn’t waste a second to join in on the fun. Reddit user Aevajohnson exclaimed, “My husband showed me this earlier today. I love a Phish Taylor Swift Crossover,” while KyloSolo723 contemplated, “Now time to ask my Phish-hating swiftie gf if I can wear this to our show hahaha.” A clear indication that the love for this unexpected merger crosses all boundaries.

Notably, user Big-Engineering1334 dreamed big: “I am dying for a Phish – Taylor jam sesh. They could incredible jam music together!” Now, wouldn’t that be something?

The crossover has inspired fans to coin a new term, “Swiphties” thanks to user storyoftheghost, and the name has got quite the ring to it.

A Frenzy of Adoration on Instagram

Instagram was no less excited about this phenomenal crossover. Furrythug humorously asked Fishman to “Please post pics of anyone you encounter in the same shirt” whereas lilyfishman_ (presumably Fishman’s daughter) praised her dad as “Truly the greatest person ever 🤍.

Amidst the adoration and laughs, some fans shared their excitement for attending the concert. Stephish555 commented, “😍🫶have phun….I’m seeing her on Sunday, never miss a Sunday show” showing that the love for Taylor’s music spans across different fanbases.

Some fans, like samantharoze, even wished for a Swift cover at Phish’s shows, stating, “You are gonna LOVE IT!!! I always hope for a Taylor cover at phish shows.” A testament to the power of music bringing people together, isn’t it?

But let’s not forget the highest praise of all, succinctly put by phunkyourface: “Fishman remains the 🐐.

Final Thoughts

What an epic crossover event this has been. Phish fans, Swifties, and even casual music lovers all seem to revel in the unexpected unity of these two fandoms. While we can’t predict what’s next for this curious pairing, we’re certain of one thing – the Taylor Swift Phish-Inspired T-Shirt is officially “proper attire” for any self-respecting music fan.

So whether you’re jamming out at a Phish concert, dancing the night away at a Taylor Swift gig, or just chilling at home, this shirt has Fishman’s stamp of approval. And that’s pretty epic.

4 thoughts on “OMG, You Won’t Believe Which Legendary Drummer Rocked a Taylor Swift Phish-Inspired Tee

  1. Taylor Palmer says:

    This is stolen artwork and a stolen story! We’re the ones who created the shirt and sold it to Fishman. You can find it at

    We have filed multiple copyright infringement with rockatees and they have refused to respond.

      • Ted Ellis says:

        Reba. Whats the use in putting them in a field and letting them fight it out? It’s quite simple to see who is in the wrong. Don’t be ridiculous; but rather, read Icculus.

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