Bloomsday 2023 Finisher Shirt Unveiled by Rockatee

2023 Bloomsday Finisher Shirt

As the Lilac Bloomsday Run 2023 commenced in Spokane, Washington, participants eagerly awaited the unveiling of this year’s finisher shirt, a highly anticipated tradition in which the design is kept secret until race day. The coveted shirt is exclusively given to those who successfully complete the Bloomsday race.

Rockatee revealed the 2023 design, which features a black shirt adorned with a colorful, stylized runner made of lines in vibrant hues of yellow, pink, and blue. The shirt also includes a wavy ‘Bloomsday‘ name, the word ‘finisher‘, and ‘Spokane WA 2023.‘ Mark Arnold from Moscow is the creative talent behind the eye-catching design.

2023 Bloomsday Finisher Shirt

The unique design received overwhelmingly positive feedback from race participants. Liz Jacobs, one of the runners, said, “I was talking to a friend and we were like, ‘We hope it’s black this year.’” Another participant, John Mendoza, praised the shirt, stating, “I love the font, I love the colors on it. Very nice. I also love that I finished and I have one.” Dustin Fischer, a fellow runner, appreciated the simplicity and versatility of the design, saying, “Honestly I really like it. I like that it’s simple and has a lot of color in it and I feel like you can wear it with anything.

In keeping with the tradition, thousands of people are expected to proudly wear the 2023 finisher shirt on the day following the race.

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