The Kendall Logan Roy Underline Mystery: What Did Logan Really Mean?

The Kendall Logan Roy Underline Mystery: What Did Logan Really Mean?

The Succession TV series has captivated viewers with its gripping drama and complex family dynamics. One particular mystery that has generated much debate is the ambiguous pen mark on Logan Roy’s document in Season 4, Episode 4, “Honeymoon States.” Fans are left questioning whether Kendall Roy’s name was underlined or crossed out, and what Logan’s true intentions were. Now, a hat by Rockatee that says “Kendall Logan Roy Underline” has emerged as a viral merchandise item, adding to the conversation.

Recap of the mystery

  • Explain the document found in Logan’s safe
  • Describe the debate about whether Kendall’s name was underlined or crossed out

“Of course, no one knows when this document was actually drafted. The Waystar execs speculate, based on its placement in Logan’s files, that it was initially written about four years before. But it’s unclear when the addendums were penciled in.” – Jesse Armstrong, Succession Creator

Explore the relationship between Logan and Kendall

  1. Kendall’s long-held belief that he is Logan’s true heir
  2. The fractured relationship and Kendall’s multiple attempts to overthrow Logan

Analyze the significance of the pen mark

  • The uncertainty of Logan’s true intentions
  • The potential impact on Kendall’s actions and motivations moving forward

The viral merchandise: Kendall Logan Roy Underline hat by Rockatee

Kendall Logan Roy Underline Hat
  • Describe the hat and its connection to the mystery
  • Discuss its popularity and how it adds to the conversation


Regardless of whether Logan intended to underline or cross out Kendall’s name, the ambiguity of the pen mark has captivated viewers and fueled discussions about the characters’ motivations and actions. The “Kendall Logan Roy Underline” hat by Rockatee is not only a clever piece of merchandise but also serves as a reminder of the intense family dynamics and power struggles that define Succession.

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