Megyn Kelly’s “Make Women Female Again” Hat: A Symbol of the Culture War

Megyn Kelly's "Make Women Female Again" Hat: A Symbol of the Culture War

Recently, Megyn Kelly, the host of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” created a buzz on social media when she posted a photo of herself wearing a red MAGA-style baseball cap with the words “Make Women Female Again” written on it. The hat has become a symbol of the ongoing culture war over gender and trans people, and Kelly’s followers were quick to express their thoughts on the headwear.

The Hat and its Message

The hat was created by e-commerce site Adult Human Female, owned by Kellie Jay-Keen. The website proclaims that “2023 is the year of the TERF,” or “trans exclusionary radical feminist.” The hat has become a symbol of this movement, which advocates for the exclusion of trans people from women’s spaces.

Megyn Kelly on Twitter: “Thank you for a HUGE week on the ⁦@MegynKellyShow⁩. In Miami celebrating our friend’s 50th & looking fwd to another great week of shows starting Monday.” / Twitter

Reactions to the Photo

The reactions to Kelly’s photo were mixed, with some of her followers expressing their love for the hat and others criticizing it. One person commented, “Best hat in Miami!” while another replied, “Amen on the hat!” The image of Kelly wearing the hat was reposted to Twitter by Ron Filipkowski, a criminal defense attorney who monitors the far right on his platform, along with a screenshot of a 2016 tweet from then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, who criticized the show host.

Get Your Own “Make Women Female Again” Hat Today!

If you want to show your support for the trans exclusionary radical feminist movement and make a statement, why not get your own “Make Women Female Again” hat? You can purchase the hat from Adult Human Female’s website or from Rockatee, where you’ll find a wide selection of hats and other products that support this cause.

Make Women Female Again Hat


Megyn Kelly’s “Make Women Female Again” hat has become a symbol of the ongoing culture war over gender and trans people. Whether you support the trans exclusionary radical feminist movement or not, it’s important to approach the subject with respect and dignity for all individuals involved. So why not get your own “Make Women Female Again” hat today and show your support for this cause?

6 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly’s “Make Women Female Again” Hat: A Symbol of the Culture War

  1. Barbie Poucher says:

    What’s “Far Right” to you? Is Far Right anyone who supports WOMEN WHO ACTUALLY SUFFER THE PAIN OF CHILDBIRTH? Or those women who can’t carry a pregnancy but still believe an XX Chromosome dictates who you are?
    If Far Right is anatomically & physiologically FEMALE, then count me in as a Far Right- TERF

  2. Joella says:

    The biological differences between men and women are undeniable, and Kelly’s hat is a bold reminder of that. Transgender individuals should have their own spaces, separate from cisgender women. It’s not bigotry, it’s biology. #MakeWomenFemaleAgain

  3. Nicholas says:

    As a society, we should be embracing diversity and inclusivity, not promoting exclusionary rhetoric like this hat represents. It’s disgusting to see someone with such a large platform spreading harmful ideas. #TransRightsAreHumanRights

    • Lee Paquet says:

      We already have plenty of “diversity” and “inclusivity”. They are guaranteed under our Civil Rights Laws and the U.S. Constitution. The Left wants to DIVIDE everyone into ever smaller groups so they can promise to protect them from the “enemy”.

  4. Emily Adams says:

    I’m tired of people like Megyn Kelly using their influence to divide us further. This hat is nothing more than a desperate attempt to cling onto a world that’s leaving her behind. It’s time to move on and accept that gender is a spectrum, not a binary. #LoveIsLove

  5. Carla Randall says:

    I ordered this hat in navy and got so many positive comments! Somehow,my house ate my cap and I want to reorder it.

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