Air Force 1 Replicas: 15 Times Redditors Hilariously Debated Their Quality

Do rep AF1s really stand up to the retail versions?

The world of replica sneakers has grown exponentially in recent years, with sneakerheads constantly on the hunt for the perfect pair at a fraction of the cost. The subreddit r/FashionReps has become a popular destination for users to share their experiences, opinions, and tips on all things related to rep sneakers. Recently, a user sparked a lively debate when they posted a photo of their Air Force 1s and asked about the quality of factories in China. Here are 15 times Redditors hilariously weighed in on the quality of replica AF1s.

1. SwankyCheeze on the varying quality of rep sneakers:

“For some other models yeah, for budget af1 pairs hell no, especially the sole.”

2. icantflytommorow backs up SwankyCheeze’s claim:

“Came here to say this, rep af1s always look the part but the quality on the soles will always be shit.”

3. Adorable-Cranberry77 comes to the defense of rep AF1 soles:

“Nah the sole is fine and the foam at the heel, it’s the foam under the toe box that’s thin and the tongue is like a half cm short.”

4. SwankyCheeze points out another issue with rep AF1 outsoles:

“nah the outsole gets worn out so quickly man like stars start disappearing after the first wear.”

5. BIN3RY estimates the lifespan of rep AF1 soles:

“Give it 6 months of decent use and soles will be fucked.”

6. Adorable-Cranberry77 shares their experience with rep AF1 longevity:

“Bro I bin my legit ones after about 3 months.”

7. BIN3RY reveals their shoe rotation strategy:

“I wear a 1 pair a day. 7 sets in rotation.”

8. Adorable-Cranberry77 agrees on the benefits of shoe rotation:

“I do this now, I realized shoes last much longer when you rotate them.”

9. jorgefcr12 shares a positive experience with a different store’s rep AF1s:

“…in this last haul I copped from a different store and they were amazing.”

10. WittyObjective8354 jumps on the bandwagon, asking for the W2C link:

“u/jorgefcr12 could you share the w2c of the AF1’s you copped that are good?”

11-13. The “+1” brigade chimes in, eager for the link:

“+1” (monkey9183, paradam011, Fluchtiii)

14. Hochspannungswerk discusses the comfort of rep AF1 soles:

“…my feet hurt all the time when I wear them.”

15. Apoth75 shares their experience with budget rep AF1s:

“I just retired a pair of budget af1s which I’ve been wearing 4 times a week for well over a year. There’s no reason to buy retail with these (or any shoe).”

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