7 Best Michael Myers Halloween T-shirt Design Ideas in October

Knock knock! Who’s there? Michael Myers! Michael Myers who? Top 7 Best Michael Myers Halloween T-shirt Design Ideas, that’s who! It’s the perfect shirt for you to wear to the next Halloween party.

In the original movie, Michael Myers is just a man in a mask, but you’ve seen the sequels — and that’s what makes him scary. If you love horror movies and are looking for a unique t-shirt design idea for this October, show your love for Michael Myers with a top 7 list of the best t-shirts currently available.

  1. Michael Myers Free hugs just kidding don’t touch me shirt

Michael Myers Free hugs just kidding don’t touch me shirt, but seriously don’t touch me shirt. You’re safe with Michael Myers!

You’re always aware of Michael Myers lurking around you, ready to pull the mask off or zap you with that iconic green lightning. It makes me so nervous that I’m always paranoid about what would happen if he ever did.

2. The adventures of Michael and Laurie Halloween shirt

The best homage to the iconic horror villain in a long time. The perfect shirt for Halloween, or anytime you need a laugh, and a lot of laughs.

Michael and Laurie are very excited to be going trick-or-treating on Halloween. They are going to eat a ton of candy, wear costumes, and make a night of being brave and scary!

Represent the first person that Laurie ever told about Michael in this Halloween shirt.

3. Michael Myers 31 El Cucuy shirt

This is the perfect shirt to wear while trick-or-treating this Halloween! The Michael Myers 31 El Cucuy shirt features a colorful graphic of the iconic villain on black shirt.

Michael Myers is 31(a little humorous), which makes him old and edgy! He is the fraternal twin of Jamie Lee Curtis, who has been defending Haddonfield for 5 decades. Give yourself the look of a haunted and sexy bad guy with this Officially Licensed shirt.

4. Michael Myers a real man will chase after you shirt

Real men chase after you in the Michael Myers a real man shirt. This shirt is a must have for any Halloween costume.

If you are looking for the perfect Halloween costume, Michael Myers a real man is it! This shirt features a printed graphic of Michael Myers in his iconic outfit, holding a bloody knife. The shirt is cotton and features a ribbed neckline with a 2D printed logo on the breast. Whether you’re ordering this shirt for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you are sure to be satisfied with your purchase.

5. Michael Myers I’m nicer than my face looks shirt

This funny shirt is perfect for Halloween or whenever you want to tell people not to judge a book by its cover. Michael Myers may be scary, but he’s tons nicer than his face looks.

When people look at me, they see a monster. But I know better. I am a nice person with a big heart and the thirst to help people. You see, all those scars and stitches? They are just part of my face. So when you’re feeling down or scared, remember that you’re friends with Michael Myers, but you’ll be friends with yourself too!

6. Michael Myers Killin It since 1978 shirt

Remember the face. Remember the name. Remember the legend. Michael Myers, everyone’s favorite psycho from horror movie classic “Halloween.” You don’t want to kill Michael Myers and you don’t have to. Halloween Killin It since 1978 shirt is here to remind you of how much better it is to be safe than sorry on Halloween night. Wear this shirt and save your life!

7. Michael Myers Love Halloween shirt

The perfect shirt for Halloween lovers who want to show their love for the Halloween horror icon Michael Myers. This white t-shirt is made of cotton and features the iconic mask from the original movie.

People love Halloween, so its natural that some people love Michael Myers. Get your shirt today and let the world know how much you love horror icons like Michael Myers.





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