How do You Benefit from Working with Me?

One obvious — or perhaps not so obvious — benefit is that I work internationally, or "globally", as a modern human would say. Most of my clients are from the US and the UK. But I've worked with clients from France, Japan, Belgium, Germany (duh!), Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Russia, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, and some others. I communicate in English, German, and French, though I do prefer to communicate in the first two languages.

Another quite practical advantage is that I'm small. Not in height. For a woman, I'm actually quite tall, almost 5'11, to be exact. But my business... it's rather tiny. On the midget side of things. I'm a one-woman business, so that is pretty much as minute as it gets. And I like that. It allows for lots of flexibility in how I work & communicate with my clients.

Good and effective communication is the key to producing a rock-solid website, one which not only translates the visions you have corresponded, but simultaneously converts into an end-product your customers need and want. By working in close contact with you, I can adjust to your and your customers' needs and optimize how we, as a small team, work together, evaluate each objective, and end up with a product that does what it is set out to do successfully and efficiently.

Like in every business — well, like it should be — my customers are kings, and queens! However, that does not mean that I will be able to happily nod at every suggestion. Sincerity and cander are a necessity for both, you and me. It is important to communicate ideas and work out whether or not a certain feature is excellent or perhaps counter-effective. What good does it do, if I implement 783 features of which a meager 10% get used by your customers? Why have a bloated site when a simple, user-friendly, and — most importantly — a persuasive site is much more effective for your particular needs? For that very reason I have made it a habit to reassure my clients that they can shout my work — not me! — down as much as they please. It saves us both time & money and allows to steer the process in the right direction fast and painlessly. This way I can ensure that you get a high-end solution that is tailored to your and your customers' needs.

Instead of building a website, full-packed with all the bells and whistles that sound good but do very little, we will work out exactly what your customers want and create a persuasive, user-centric website that satisfies those objectives and allow you to grow your business.

Everything I create is done with genuine and deep passion, intense care, and emotional investment. I'm just as eager as you are to create the best possible solution. Should you require features that exceed my skillset, I have a small, albeit incredibly capable host of authorities I collaborate with, from professional photographers, to specialised and pragmatic programmers. If the requirements are a non-fit for us, however, then I'll recommend you to fellow web design companies that are a better match for your particular project. We'll apply whatever means necessary to ensure that you get the best possible service and your customers the most desirable and powerful experience.

visualization of design process

Features: What do I Create?

Complete Website Design

  • Discovery - Determining your business objectives
  • Analysis - Building a powerful Content Strategy
  • Prototyping/Wireframing - Laying out & structuring the information (content)
  • Visual Identity - Logo creation & raw conceptualization of Gaphical User Interface
  • Coding - Writing the code with modern Web Standards
  • Site Performance Testing - Certifying highest website speed, optimized graphics, and max. reduced file sizes
  • Compatibility Testing - Ensuring the website is functional and compatible with modern & legacy browsers
  • Finalization: User testing - Taking users for a test-drive, fine-tuning the design based on user data

Graphical User Interface Design & Theme Development for:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Applications
  • Content Management Systems (e.g. WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, etc.)

Graphic Design for Web & Print

  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • Icon Design
  • Stationary Design

What is My Average Timeframe?

Projects that can be fit into a timeframe of six to eight weeks are my preference. However, shorter and longer timeframes are possible as well.

What are My Rates?

They aren't low. I do quality work and I charge for quality work.

My rates vary, depending on scope and timeframe, though I usually do not take on projects that are below $2,000.

Do I Create Everything Myself?

Depends. Should you require an online shop, for example, then I find it my responsibility to take on board a web developer who specialises in creating eCommerce systems. All tasks that exceed my core competences are handed over to professionals who are distinct authorities in the field. Should I not be able to cover the necessary expertise needed for your project, I'll happily recommend to you other professionals who might be a better suit for your particular project.