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Written by Maleika Esther Attawel
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This theme was conceptualized and designed for Smashing Magazine. It's a free WordPress theme and comes with a couple of goodies, such as two variants (HTML and HTML5), CSS2.1 and CSS3, all designed with progressive enhancement in mind, meaning, Internet Explorer users will get a nice layout as well, albeit with a fewer enhancements. The design is usable, friendly, warm, and aimed at users who're looking for a sleek, warm, and inviting blogging theme that is easily set up and configured without hassle. To make things easier, I've included a readme file that explains every single step to bringing the theme to life.

The theme currently has English and German enabled. Due to a very generous person, the theme will have a French version included with the theme's next release which isn't too far away now. There are some minor bug fixes, typographic and contrast enhancements, and some fine-tuning here and there that will benefit the theme, and, more importantly, you! smile

So, stay tuned and thanks to everyone who's using the theme. If you like me to take a look, hit me up via email.

You can download the theme from Smashing Magazine


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